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Seconds Before Sunrise ARC Review!

7 Mar

Seconds Before Sunrise

Two nightmares. One memory.

“Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love.”

Eric has weeks before his final battle when he’s in an accident. Forced to face his human side, he knows he can’t survive if he fights alone. But he doesn’t want to surrender, even if he becomes the sacrifice for war.

Jessica’s memory isn’t the only thing she’s lost. Her desire to find her parents is gone and so is her confidence. But when fate leaves nightmares behind, she decides to find the boy she sees in them, even if it risks her sanity.

** Review Copy kindly provided for honest review by author**

  Minutes Before Sunset Review! –>

Shannon A. Thompson has done it again!

I have to admit, the reason it took me a little longer that I thought it would to release this review is because I had to reread the first book (Minutes Before Sunset) before I started reading this book.  I wanted the story fresh in my mind. But no worries, kiddies! Here it is!

Shannon A. Thompson was very kind to ask me to review the second installment of The Timely Death Trilogy, and I was more than happy to pounce on the opportunity.

This book was a lot better than the first one, in my opinion (and the first book was amazing to begin with, so this says a lot!). You can definitely see the progression the author has taken with her writing, and with the maturity came a better story that anyone would even hope for!

What I love about this series is that it is so outside-the-box. The concepts are fresh and inspiring, connecting with the reader smoothly and allowing for a new perspective of magic, life, and archetypes. I was taken away by this new world Shannon A. Thomson created, and even when I put the book down, this world haunted my thoughts. It was addicting and ironic, haunting and mystical, hilarious and sophisticated. I cannot praise this author more for providing an unfamiliar perspective to YA fiction, and exploring new ideas that are clearly distinct and unique to her personality. The story each author writes, I feel, is a reflection of the type of person they are in their head, and clearly Thompson is a rare gift to the YA fiction writing community.

Thomson found a wonderful balance between Eric and Jessica’s points of view in the story, and integrated the two worlds beautifully in the end. Every time their worlds collided, my heart skipped and I couldn’t read through it fast enough. These two characters were very addictive on their own, and when they were together they were wildfire, hot and uncontrollable. Their worlds didn’t just collide, they clashed into each other. But there were also the soft spots that curled your toes and ended too soon. In human speech: the sexual tension was intense! Just the way I like it, of course. There’s a never-ending need for writers now to just get their characters together. There’s no need, of course, because everything that’s good is worth waiting for, a secret that Thompson is clearly familiar with.

I also liked that the romance wasn’t the controlling factor of the story. The story was the meal, and the romance was one of the few spices sprinkled on top to give it a kick, which is the way it should be. I have great respect for an author who is able to let their characters be individuals, and not let their romantic-interests dictate how they act, what they do, who they are, etc. When two individual characters with distinct personalities apart from their love-interest are pulled together, the sparks fly so much more intensely, which is quite a beautiful sight, if you can imagine.

As for the story – intense! Like, holy smokes, I honestly couldn’t guess  what would happen at any point in the story. It was all a complete mystery, which is what kept me reading. It was nice to read a book where I couldn’t guess the outcome at any point. Even the ending – I did not see that coming! And now, I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on the third installment! I want to see how the story progresses, what happens with the Dark and the Light, how the situation between Eric and Jessica plays out in the third book. I have so many questions!

Oh, and you will definitely never guess what’s in that black box that Eric’s father gives him. I honestly did not see that coming at all. But I’m so happy it happened! Epp!

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with this story. The first book earned my dedication to the series, this book earned my admiration for the story. Congratulations, Shannon A. Thompson! This book is entirely too unique to not be a hit with the readers!

4.5 stars!

Release Date: March 27, 2014!

Buy it here: http://www.amazon.com/Seconds-Before-Sunrise-Shannon-Thompson/dp/1940820030/


Minutes Before Sunset Review

28 Dec

17801911She was undoubtedly a shade, but I didn’t know her.

Eric Welborn isn’t completely human, but he isn’t the only shade in the small Midwest town of Hayworth. With one year left before his eighteenth birthday, Eric is destined to win a long-raging war for his kind. But then she happens. In the middle of the night, Eric meets a nameless shade, and she’s powerful—too powerful—and his beliefs are altered. The Dark has lied to him, and he’s determined to figure out exactly what lies were told, even if the secrets protect his survival.

He had gotten so close to me—and I couldn’t move—I couldn’t get away.

Jessica Taylor moves to Hayworth, and her only goal is to find more information on her deceased biological family. Her adoptive parents agree to help on one condition: perfect grades. And Jessica is distraught when she’s assigned as Eric’s class partner. He won’t help, let alone talk to her, but she’s determined to change him—even if it means revealing everything he’s strived to hide.

So this is not typically a book I would have chosen to read for myself- or knew existed. However, the author had contacted me about a cover reveal, and also kindly provided a review copy of Minutes Before Sunset. I had looked through the reviews and wondered  why everyone had been so shocked that it was good. A good book is a good book, right? The cover is beautiful, the summary is intriguing, when I read the first page, I was hooked. So what was the problem?

I don’t exactly know for sure, to tell you the truth. It could have been a great many things, but I had read three chapters started wondering where the author was going with this story, which may be why a lot of people were also a little weary of this. But I absolutely LOVED it. I’ll tell you why:

This book was really unique to me. The Dark is the good side, and The Light is evil, which goes against the stereotypical archetype. It also wasn’t told through the perspective of one protagonist, but two. Two lives seemingly having almost nothing to do with each other. Jessica was sweet, the new girl, completely bull headed. Eric was antisocial, and had his own personal agenda. He didn’t care about his human life, even though it wasn’t fair to others around his human self.

The beginning didn’t really… drag… but the point of the book did. It makes sense once you get to the middle of the book as to why it had to be written the way it was, but reading a book and wondering how everything fits together can really make the book seem longer than it really is, at least for the impatient types such as myself.

The one thing that was a little weird was the Nameless Shade. I mean, I knew who she was, I don’t know about the rest of the readers. It was really easy to guess, especially since the subtle hints weren’t so subtle. I think that the reader should have known her identity from the start, because the irony would have been more affective if it had been a dramatic irony instead. When her identity was revealed, it was like we suddenly saw a whole other life that was hidden from us before, and it would have been nice to have seen the reactions of this character from the very beginning. But I understand why it was done this way. Despite all this, I still really appreciated the irony and how it all came together in the end. But maybe others wouldn’t have guessed? Maybe they liked the way the identity of the Nameless Shade was hidden? It could just be me.

This book seemed like three pieces of a puzzle, one for the beginning, one for the middle, and one for the end. The first piece being: What do these two protagonists have to do with each other? The second being: How are these two protagonists going to come together to form the story? And the last one was the big reveal, where we as the readers see the bigger picture of the whole book. It was very clever, and I don’t know if I’m describing it in a way you would understand. You have to read to understand.

As a person who craves information, I really would have loved to see this be two books as apposed to one. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the way she wrote it here. I can see the appeal completely, and I absolutely do not want her to change it. But it just didn’t seem like enough. I want to know more. I have so many questions. I would have loved to have Jessica’s POV as one book, and Eric’s as another. But that’s just me being selfish. And I get selfish when I really like a book.

The character development was great, more so for Eric than for Jessica throughout the book. Jessica develops very nicely in the end, but because of certain situations, we couldn’t see the development until a couple of reveals later. We knew everything about Eric, though, so we saw his development throughout the novel. I loved how subtle things about Eric really came out, especially in the end. He’s not typically a very open character, and we see why he wouldn’t be, so it was nice to see him connecting to others in the end.

And of course there’s a romance. But between who? Shannon Thompson was really inventive with the romance bit. I didn’t even think anything would happen until it did, and when it did my toes curled and all I could think about was how cute it all was.

Okay. So I know I’m being completely cryptic, but trust me, you have GOT to read this book. It was a very nice YA. It was also very nice to see Thompson step out from a lot of the archetypes we usually see in YA literature, as well as steering away from the apocalyptic world we see everywhere now. I totally read all the apocalyptic stuff like my life depends on it, but it’s really nice to see something different. It may not be flourishing yet, specifically because it isn’t following the trend at the moment, but I know that this is the kind of book that will be around after the apocalyptic trend dies down.

4 stars.

Seconds Before Sunrise Cover Reveal

1 Dec

Seconds Before Sunrise

Release date: March 22, 2014
Two nightmares. One memory.
“Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love.”
Eric has weeks before his final battle when he’s in an accident. Forced to face his human side, he knows he can’t survive if he fights alone. But he doesn’t want to surrender, even if he becomes the sacrifice for war.
Jessica’s memory isn’t the only thing she’s lost. Her desire to find her parents is gone and so is her confidence. But when fate leaves nightmares behind, she decides to find the boy she sees in them, even if it risks her sanity.
 Shannon A. Thompson
Amazon Author Bio:
At sixteen years old, Shannon A. Thompson became the published author of “November Snow.” At twenty-one, she was featured in “Poems: a collection of works by twelve young Kansas poets.” On May 1st, her paranormal romance, “Minutes Before Sunset” was released by AEC Stellar Publishing. In July, it was awarded Goodreads Book of the Month. It’s the first novel in A Timely Death series. Her first short story, “Sean’s Bullet,” released in an anthology in October, 2013, and her upcoming novel, “Seconds Before Sunrise,” is expected to release in March of 2014.
She’s lived in five states and moved over fifteen times, which she uses as inspiration for writing. Shannon dedicates all of her published works to lost loved ones, and she encourages everyone to find their passion.
Currently, Shannon is finishing her bachelor’s degree in English at the University of Kansas and working as a Social Media Marketing Manager for AEC Stellar Publishing.
Fact #8 The tree on the back cover of Minutes Before Sunset is actually a photograph taken from the author’s front yard.
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