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The Little Android – Short Story by Marissa Meyer!

29 Jan

Little Android

Post by Marrisa Meyer:

My newest short story, “The Little Android,” was released yesterday on WattPad! It was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” and is set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles.

(It also features a cameo from a much-beloved cyborg!)

When Mech6.0, an unimportant android, saves the life of a handsome hardware engineer, her body is destroyed and a glitch is discovered in her programming. Androids aren’t meant to develop unpractical reasoning or near-emotional responses . . . let alone fall in love.


The story has 6 chapters and, as you can tell, is based off of Marrisa Meyer’s debut novel series, The Lunar Chronicles.

Marissa Meyer will be touring these areas in the next couple of days:

The Orlando Tour Signing on February 18 at 7:00 pm.

Barnes & Noble #2998

481 N. Alafaya Trail

Orlando, FL 32828

*Canada Events*

Burnaby, BC

Saturday, February 22, 2:00 pm

Chapters Metrotown

Toronto, ON

Monday, February 24, 7:00 pm

Indigo Yorkdale

*Fan-hosted Blog Chat*

Some fans are hosting a Lunar Chronicles fan-chat on Feb. 3 at 4:30p.m. (Eastern time??). Details are found in the comments here if you would like to join in!


AUDIOBOOK for CRESS is almost out! Here’s a sneak peek of the first chapter (+Giveaway!)

16 Jan

And also, there’s a giveaway for 3 Cress Audiobooks here:

Marissa Meyer New Book Deal!

25 Sep

Here’s an excerpt from her blog post:


Teaser summary: A prequel to “Alice in Wonderland,” HEARTLESS will tell the tale of how a marquis’s teenage daughter became the infamous Queen of Hearts. It will be a story of whimsy and madness, passion and tragedy, ravens and writing desks.

Is this the Super Secret Nano Project of 2012?

Yes! Yes it is! Here, have some 10-month-old and no-longer-entirely-accurate statistics: http://www.marissameyer.com/blogtype/secret-nano-project-stats/

When will it be released?

HEARTLESS is tentatively scheduled to release in the fall of 2015 – after WINTER.

Where did you get the idea?

I absolutely loved Wicked by Gregory Maguire – both the book and the musical. A few years ago, right after Cinder sold, I was having lunch with my agent and talking about fairy tale retellings. I brought up Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister and mentioned that I thought it would be awesome of Mr. Maguire told the story of the Queen of Hearts. My foreign rights agent—smart cookie that she is—said, “Well, why don’t you write it?”

And I thought, Challenge Accepted.

Will it be a stand-alone or the start of a series?

Right now I’m pretty sure it will only be a stand-alone, although I’m trying to keep my mind open for possible companion titles in the future. That said, the book that will follow HEARTLESS, for which I have a few ideas, will almost certainly kick off a new series.

If you’d like to see more, click HERE!

Personally, I love Marissa Meyer and I can’t wait!! eep!!

Cover Reveal + Lunar Chronicles News!

2 Aug


Rapunzel’s tower is a satellite. She can’t let down her hair – or her guard.

In this third book in the bestselling Lunar Chronicles series, Cinder and Captain Thorne are fugitives on the run, with Scarlet and Wolf in tow. Together, they’re plotting to overthrow Queen Levana and her army.

Their best hope lies with Cress, who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood with only her netscreens as company. All that screen time has made Cress an excellent hacker – unfortunately, she’s just received orders from Levana to track down Cinder and her handsome accomplice.

When a daring rescue goes awry, the group is separated. Cress finally has her freedom, but it comes at a high price. Meanwhile, Queen Levana will let nothing stop her marriage to Emperor Kai. Cress, Scarlet, and Cinder may not have signed up to save the world, but they may be the only ones who can.

The third installation of the Lunar Chronicles is being released Feb 4th, 2013!!

AND, guess what? You can read the entire first chapter right HERE:

Up-Coming Events With Marissa Meyer


Oak Harbor, WA
Oak Harbor Library – “An Afternoon with the Authors”
Presenting with Kevin Emerson, Amber Kizer, and Jeanne Ryan. Contact the Sno-Isle Library system for more information.

Fierce Reads Tour: Dates and Locations TBD
Follow http://www.facebook.com/fiercereads or http://www.marissameyer.com/blog for updates.

Portland, OR
Wordstock Festival
Presentation times and details TBD.

Portland, OR
Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Conference
8:00 a.m.: Breakfast with the Authors
Registration required.

Worcester, MA
MLS Teen Librarian Summit
Registration required.

Boston, MA
Boston Book Festival
Presentation times and details TBD. See http://www.bostonbookfest.org/.

Spokane, WA
Auntie’s Books, 7:00 p.m.

Spokane, WA
Northwest College Bookstore Association Conference author breakfast
Registration required.

And finally, giveaways!:

Current Giveaways


The time of CRESS giveaways is upon us! Between now and the official release next February I’ll be hosting ARC giveaways on my blog and Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled for many chances to win.

And to start it all off, one lucky newsletter subscriber has been randomly selected to win a signed copy.

And that winner is . . . Elvina Barclay! Congratulations!

I’ll be doing another subscribers-only giveaway in October. But for better odds, try entering my first-ever Pinterest contest, below.

The Lunar Chronicles Pinterest Contest

Are you on Pinterest, or have you been looking for a reason to sign up? Well here it is!

Create a Lunar Chronicles-inspired Pinterest Board for your chance to win a signed advance copy of CRESS.

How to Enter

1. Create a board on Pinterest with a theme that in some way relates to the Lunar Chronicles. Do you want to make a New Beijing recipe board? An awesome cyborg technology board? A moon-themed fashion board? Be creative! Anything goes!

2. In the description of the board, explain how the board’s theme relates to the Lunar Chronicles.

3. Pin away!


– There must be at least 10 pins in order to be qualified for the contest.

– ONE of those pins must be the CRESS cover, which you can re-pin directly from here. (That said, the cover does not otherwise have to relate to the board’s theme.)

4. Follow me at http://pinterest.com/marissameyer22/ and then tag me in ONE pin on your board. This is how I will know to enter your board in the contest finalists. Please do not tag me more than once or invite me to pin to the board.

And that’s it!


– All entries must be received by midnight PST, August 31, 2013.

– I will collect all entries on my Pinterest page so that fans can view and enjoy.

– I will post the finalists of my choice, with links, here on the blog in early September. Finalists will be chosen based on their creativity, originality, and how well the theme relates to the Lunar Chronicles. Blog readers will vote to determine the final winners.

– TWO winners will each receive a signed ARC of CRESS: Book Three of the Lunar Chronicles.

– Open internationally!

** As quoted by Marissa Meyer on her blog & newsletter.

NOTE: Important change to Pinterest Board Contest. See full details here: http://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/4625695-important-change-to-pinterest-board-contest

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