FAQ & Review Policy

So since I am doing a review blog, it seems that a review policy is in order. This is to make sure authors are aware of on what basis I will be reviewing their books, and what I expect from the readers of my reviews. This will keep things fair.

So, a little boring, but make sure to read through it and understand the basics of it:

Firstly: I will NOT take free books from authors for review (unless I state otherwise). This is because:
a) I would feel guilty writing a bad review after the author has shown so much kindness in sending a novel my way in hopes that I will advertise their book in a kind light, and
b) I have a duty to review books honestly, and I do not want to have an emotional attachment to the person who sent the book (because, ultimately, that will be the case, even if that sounds ridiculous). Finally,
c) I want to do reviews for fun, not as a job-type thing. Although I appreciate the fact that some authors would want me to review their novels, it would be better if they asked me to read it, not asked if I wanted a free review copy.

What kind of content will I review?
I will be reviewing mainly YA fiction . If I review an adult novel, it will be a clean review with a forewarning, to keep this site PG rated.
Can the person pitching their book to me be 100% sure to see a review of the book?
No. I will try to read as many varieties of books as possible, to appeal to a range of readers, but sometimes the plot will just seem too dull for me to read. Usually if you pitch the book and I do consider it, don’t expect to see it any time soon, although sometimes I might get to it faster. Firstly, I’d have to be able to get my hands on it (by either buying it or going to the library for it). Secondly, I have a whole list of other books I’d love to read. Give me a reasonable time stamp. A month maybe?

Do you get paid to do reviews/advertise giveaways/books/book releases?
Absolutely not. I am not a professional, nor do I advertise for any payment or reimbursement and I refuse to do so. Like I said before, this blog is for fun.

What does your rating system mean?
DNF = Did Not Finish
1 star = Absolutely terrible book. Don’t know why I read it.
2 stars = Not absolutely terrible, but I don’t recommend it.
3 stars = Okay, has some good stuff and some bad stuff. Read at own risk.
4 stars = Very good, not memorable but worth reading. Recommended.
5 stars = Amazing, must-read, instantly one of my favorite books, highly memorable.

Will I always be nice in my reviews?
Probably not. Besides being a Grammar Natzi, I look for books to make sense. If the book is bad, I’ll say so. However, I will try to include some positives in my review. I am blunt and if you can’t take the criticism, you’d better either suck it up fast or not read the blog entry. I prefer to keep things subjective. You are welcome, however, to comment below the blog entry and tell me your own opinion of the book. The review is personal, so I do not expect you all to agree with me. It is best if you leave a comment with your own review, even, because that may inspire someone else to read the book. And reading, no matter what the content is, is always good. But remember, if you are commenting against any of my reviews, it must be about the subject, not the person, otherwise it will be terminated.

Am I a harsh reviewer?
I don’t think so. This review policy is here to clarify what may happen in some instances, but mostly I’m a lover of books and can usually find something to praise in the author’s works. It’s nothing personal if I rip apart the book. I’ve read books by authors that I’ve hated and loved. It all depends on the storyline and execution. And, let’s face it, writers change. They have the tone but the technique gets sharper with time, and I totally get that. So don’t worry, if I trash one of your books or your favorite author’s books, I’m always up for giving them a second chance.

Will I ever review ARCs?
Yes. For those of you who don’t know, ARC= Advanced Reader’s Copy. It’s a copy of a book before it’s released to the general public. Authors will sometimes give them away for early reviews or to create hype for their new book. If I win an ARC or borrow/buy it off a friend who’s gotten their hands on one, I will definitely write a review for one.

If I’m sending a query message about a book I’d like you to read, what should it include?
Title and author, and any links you think would be helpful (goodreads, amazon, anything that leads to a review or a book excerpt or summary).

What do I read?
I love reading romance, paranormal, dystopian, chick-lit, sci-fi, cookbooks, crime, historical, non-fiction, humor, fairy tales, western (sometimes), adult, and anything futuristic, just to name a few.

What don’t I read?
I mostly stay away from fantasy, religion and spirituality, celebrity novels and biographies, thrillers, memoirs, poetry, manga and graphic, and sports. I will, however, sometimes make acceptions based on my judgement of the synopsis, cover, and other reviews.

What’s the best way to contact me?
Twitter or the comment section on my blog. Tweet at me @The_Novel_List, or message me directly.

If you ask me to advertise a giveaway/book on my blog, will I do it?
Sure. Give me the information and it might pop up. You can either tweet at me or comment on the blog to get in touch with me. (twitter account: @The_Novel_List)

What if I don’t hear from you?
Well, honestly… you probably won’t. It’s nothing against you, but I don’t always have time to respond to every single query or comment as quickly as I like. If you don’t hear from me or if I can’t review a book you have pitched, that doesn’t mean you won’t hear from me the next time, or that I won’t read any of your other suggestions. I am only human.

If I have a twitter account and you’re reading my novel, will I hear about it?
Maybe. If I know you have a twitter account, I’d try to tweet at you. This is also a good way for me to promote your book. Even if I hate the book, I’ll probably let people know I’m reading it and send them to a goodreads link where they can read the summary and make their own judgements first.

What if I have a topic idea/want to write a post for your blog as a special guest?
Tweet at me. Or post a comment on my blog. I will not necessarily go through with the idea, and you will not necessarily get to have a blog post, but it’s worth a shot and I’m open to ideas.

If I pitch an idea, will I get credited?
If you want to be credited, you will. If you would like to remain anonymous, you will. Completely up to you.

What is your privacy policy?
Without going into too much detail, I don’t see anything you don’t want me to. If you are a private person, it is your responsibility to ensure your account on wordpress is secure and private. I will not sell, trade, etc any private information that I may be given. You are responsible for the content you put in the comments section or tweet at me. When you subscribe to my blog, I do not see your email. It is registered with wordpress.com and you will only get notices of my blog updates from wordpress. The emails sent about my blog updates are not directly from me, but from the wordpress staff.

Do you do any tutorials?
I haven’t on this blog, but if you pitch an idea I like, I might actually do it.

Any more questions?
If you have a question I didn’t answer on here, please don’t hesitate to tweet @The_Novel_List or post a blog comment and I will try to get back to you ASAP!

One Response to “FAQ & Review Policy”

  1. Rebecca Scarberry August 31, 2013 at 4:38 am #

    Hello: I like your review policy and how you rate the books you’ve read. I hope you’ll read my newest release, The Prince of Pigeons. I released it on Amazon (only) on 8/9/13. It’s a sequel to Messages from Henry (and YA hit….free). Let me know if you need anything from me re: you reading my new release for review. Thank you and I’m so happy you love to read just as much as I do. Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter). Please follow me on Twitter.

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