Join Monica Murphy and Maya Rodale for Dueling Billionaires!

17 Jan

On 1/20, 1/21, and 1/22, Maya and Monica are engaging in a bit of a duel: who’s got the best billionaire, Maya’s BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES GIRL GONE WILD (featuring billionaire Duke Austen), or Monica’s SAVOR (featuring billionaire bachelor Matthew Deluca). Show your support for the billionaire of your choice by putting up one (or both) of these buttons (attached).


cid:87EC7E86-6F26-490F-B44E-C0009114B91C@san.rr.comDUELING BILLIONAIRES BLOG HOP STOPS:

·         1/20:

·         1/21:

·         1/22:


Maya and Monica will hop from blog to blog and encourage readers to vote for their favorite billionaire—of course, each author will defend her case with a new exclusive guest post each day, and all voters will be entered to win a prize: one voter in favor of each Matthew Deluca and Duke Austen will be selected at random to receive a $25 Sephora gift card.


The winners of the Dueling Billionaire blog hop giveaway will be announced on Wednesday, 1/22, during a twitter chat with Maya and Monica, from 3-4PM EST. Be sure to join in using #BillionaireLove—one lucky commenter will be selected to win a copy of each of their billionaire books!


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