Psst, Here’s Some Gossip: More Exciting Be With Me News!!!

13 Jan

So, remember this post?:

In the print version only you will find an exclusive never-before-seen scene between Teresa and Jase that won’t exist in the e-book version!

THAT’S RIGHT! You will get a special scene in Be With Me that won’t exist anywhere else! So preorder it! Seriously! Cuz there’s just too much epicness for you to not!


If you preorder BE WITH ME (in either print or ebook format), you will receive an extra scene featuring Cam and Avery from WAIT FOR YOU! This scene is only available to those who preorder the book—once it goes on sale on 2/4/2014, this opportunity passes by. So don’t let it!  In order to claim your preorder prize, all you have to do is go to this landing page and enter your order number. It’s that easy!

Here’s the Amazon Link:Pre-Order Be With Me NOW!

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