Savor Quote Graphic Contest

7 Jan

We’ve got just over 2 weeks until SAVOR, the third and final book in Monica Murphy’s fantastic Billionaire Bachelor’s series goes on sale on 1/21/14 (wherever e-books are available). To celebrate, Monica is holding a contest: she’s asking her fans to create a quote graphic for SAVOR, and one winner’s image will be selected to be the official SAVOR graphic, and serve as the cover photo on Monica’s FB page!


From now until 1/17/2014, fans of the Billionaire Bachelors can pick one of any of the following quotes and submit them to Monica Murphy via her FB fan page (and be sure to tag the Avon Romance FB page, too!). A winner will be chosen on Friday, 1/17.

Quote #1:

Having the hots for my boss is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. And I’ve done plenty of stupid things in the past.



Quote #2:

He rubs his hand along his jaw. I can hear the rasp of stubble against his palm, and my knees literally go weak. I would love to know what that slightly rough face would feel like against mine, or even better—how it would feel between my thighs.


Quote #3:

She confuses me. I thought by pushing her away, it would solve all my problems. Instead, I feel like I have a whole bunch more.



Quote #4:

She looks like a fairy princess brought to me just for this night. I’m tempted to take her hand, say screw the party and find somewhere private where we can be alone and naked together.


Quote #5:

I can smell him. Feel him. We’ve been close to each other before but not like this. Never like this.


Good luck, and may the best graphic win!


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