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Trust In Me (Wait for You #1.5) Review

23 Nov

Trust in Me

Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam’s not ready to give up. He can’t get the feisty and intriguing girl out of his head.

Avery has secrets, secrets that keep her from admitting the feelings Cam knows she has for him. Will persistence (and some delicious homemade cookies) help him break down her barriers and gain her trust? Or will he be shut out of Avery’s life, losing his first real shot at the kind of love that lasts forever?

What can I say about this book?

I love it.

I REALLY love it.

I love Cam and want his cookies-  I mean, what? No. I didn’t just say that. Pshhtt get your hearing checked.

Kay, seriously though, this is a really cute novella. We saw what went on with Avery and Cam through Avery’s POV, but now we’re seeing it through Cam’s. And the fact that we get to see a lot of Cam and what he thinks just made it so much better!

The one thing I feel I made a mistake on is rereading Wait for You and then reading Trust in Me a week later, when it was released. Because this is a novella, it wasn’t really all too descriptive and intense like Wait for You was. We all basically know what happens and what both of them have gone through. The point of this book was just to let us get a more intimate glimpse at what Cam is like. Because I reread Wait for You, it felt kind of repetitive and as if the book was mostly copy-and-pasted. So I waited a little while and reread Trust in Me again so I could give an honest review (hence, this review is coming a few weeks after it was released in ebook format). I think that this book is supposed to be an alternative Wait for You, not to be read back-to-back. If it’s been a while and you want a reread, you could alternate between getting to see Cam’s POV or Avery’s. If you want to read both right off, I aint stopping you because there really were a few new scenes and the new perspective was unique from Wait for You. But really, you don’t have to reread the first book in order to understand this one.

“You’ve been checking me out, haven’t you? In between your flaming insults? I feel like man candy.”

The top thing that shocked me was Cam’s personality itself. I mean, we all knew he was a player, but through Avery’s POV we see this sweet, romantic, thoughtful, patient guy. In Trust in Me we realize his  mind is always in the gutter(ALWAYS), he’s a lot more of a player than we’ve been  given the impression of, and he REALLY, REALLY wants Avery. But he’s still very adorable and romantic and thoughtful. It’s just… now that we see all his dirty thoughts and platonic moves, we realize that he’s got a whole different agenda that he hides very well. Caution: Cam’s virtues in the first book are more non-existent than they appear. But that’s what we wanted, right? 😉

“I want you, Cam.”
“You have me. You so fucking have me.”

Another thing I realized while reading this book was that Avery is awkward. I mean, we knew that, but we didn’t realize just how awkward because her train of thought was there to explain her behavior, and what she’s said. Because it isn’t there anymore, we see just how awkward she is through Cam (and just how cute). It was really nice to see how a different perspective can completely change how a person is perceived.

“I’m confident enough in my masculinity and sexuality that I can say that Ryan Gosling is just dreamy in this movie.”

I said before that there were a few new scenes. So. Worth. It. I mean, they’re just so… hot! You’ve got to read it yourself, I don’t want to spoil it. Every time there was a new scene, it felt like I popped a sweet and spicy candy on my tongue (maybe not the best simile, if you aren’t into that stuff). As for the old scenes, it felt like the entire room just shifted and we saw a replay of the exact same scene from a different angle. Do you remember reading Wait for You and asking ‘Who are those girls following Cam? What is he doing with his friends at the pool table at the Halloween party? How did he take care of Avery when she fell sick? How long was he there? What was he thinking? What was he thinking when he asked her out the first time? The fifth time? The umpteenth time?’  Well, guess what? You get to find out!

As for Cam’s friends, we see a lot more of them, too. I mean, my favorite of his friends is still Señor Fucktard – I mean, Olly – and I was really happy to see a lot more of this goof.

I also felt like Jennifer L. Armentrout used this book to set up her next book in the series, Be With Me (Wait for You #2). Here we are kind of starting to see a transition from Cam and Avery to Cam’s little sister Teresa and his best friend Jase. But not to worry, most of the book is all Cam. The Teresa-Jase thing is there, too, as a bit of a hint to get the fans excited (got me excited!).

Overall, a very good novella and rendition in Cam’s POV. I look forward to reading her next book in the series, as well! And also, I just preordered Trust in Me in paperback! Whoo!

5 stars, as you’ve all expected.


BITTEN TV Show Release Date + Trailer!

22 Nov

At 9 PM EST Saturday January 11, 2013, Kelley Armstrong’s acclaimed Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1) will air as a tv series!

Bitten (Women of the Otherworld #1)

Elena Michaels is a werewolf. She tries to be human, but the man whose bite changed her existence forever, and his legacy, continue to haunt her. Thrown into a desperate war for survival that tests her allegiance to a secret clan of werewolves, Elena must reconsider who and what she is.

About the show:

1) It’s a Canadian production, and Syfy in US have also picked it up.

2) Kelley Armstrong did read some of the scripts, and visited the soundboard a few times (not whilst they were filming), but is happy to let the production company of this show do their thing. She is very happy with the tv show.

3) Will they change things up? Yes. Kelley Armstrong is completely okay with that. However, she wishes that you understand that books are books and tv shows and movies are their own type of media, so therefore they should not be associated with eachother. The release of the tv series will not provoke a re-release with changes to the books, because Kelley Armstrong is loyal to what she has written.

4) Has she met the cast? No she has not. How long will the tv show last? It depends on how well season 1 does.

5) Jeremy is Japanese. What gives? Why is a white actor playing Jeremy? Kelley Armstrong has released a blog post in detail HERE, but the gist is that she had no say in the casting process and  does not support the decision. She does, however, also mention that it isn’t the actor’s fault, and she is very happy that he got the part because it talks highly of his skill, however she cannot support their decision, nor does she have any say in stopping it.

Overall, Kelley Armstrong is super excited about the release of Bitten! And so am I. Here’s a link to the trailer:

But what do you think? Are you excited? Leave a post in the comments below!

Seeking Her Cover Reveal

18 Nov


A few months after being honorably discharged from the military, Jackson Hunt is still struggling to adjust back to the real world. He needs to get a job and find a sense of normalcy if he’s going to keep his own demons at bay. The job that falls into his lap, though, is anything but normal.

Bodyguard (and baby-sitter) to spoiled-rich-girl Kelsey Summers isn’t exactly what he’d been looking for, but it’s a chance to travel, to get away from the home that has felt stifling ever since his return. It would be a pretty sweet gig if it weren’t for the fact that Kelsey’s father doesn’t want Kelsey to know she’s being followed. Hunt feels guilty (and a little bit creepy) as he watches her from afar. She’s vibrant and infuriating, exciting and reckless, mysterious and familiar. When he sees her falling into the same patterns that he suffered years ago, he decides it’s time to stop watching and help her instead. But getting to know her is more difficult than he thought, especially because the more he knows her,the more he wants her.

Tipsy Cover Reveal!

15 Nov

Title: Tipsy
Author: Cambria Hebert
Series: Take It Off – all the novels in this series can be read as stand alones
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Format: Ebook and Paperback

Synopsis***This is a new adult contemporary novel and contains sexual content and graphic language. It is not intended for young adult readers.***

Julie Preston is an artist. But her canvas isn’t paper or clay. It’s hair. She spends her days coloring, blow drying and styling her clients hair at the Razor’s Edge salon. Julie is also annoyed. She went out on a date and had a great time, gave the guy her number and the jerk never called.

So when he waltzes into the salon and sits down in her chair she briefly considers strangling him with the pink cape she fastens around  his neck.

Too bad she can’t.

Blue Markson, the guy who never called, is a police officer so causing him bodily harm would be a first class ticket into the slammer. Just looking at him again makes Julie forget why she was mad in the first place, but she’s already learned that Blue is nothing but heartache. So when he starts coming around, acting like he hadn’t made her stare at the phone for days, she tries to brush him off.


Her life is about to blow up in her face, she’s about to get caught up in a sticky web of crime and the one guy who can help her is the one guy she vowed never to trust again.

Cambria Hebert is the author of the young adult paranormal Heven and Hell series, the new adult Death Escorts series, and the new adult Take it Off series. She loves a caramel latte, hates math and is afraid of chickens (yes, chickens). She went to college for a bachelor’s degree, couldn’t pick a major, and ended up with a degree in cosmetology. So rest assured her characters will always have good hair. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband and children (both human and furry) where she is plotting her next book. You can find out more about Cambria and her work by visiting http://www.cambriahebert.comAuthor Links:
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14 Nov

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Hey guys! So just an update, I wrote a review article for Wait for You by J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout) and it got in the newspaper! Obviously not a very high-end, traceable, fancy-shmancy newspaper, but hey! It’s in the newspaper! I’ll take my victories where I can!

I wrote the article such a long time ago, and when I saw it I was so surprised and it absolutely made my day! Just so you know, the newsletter review is almost identical to the one I posted on here, so just search up on the search bar Wait for You Review and it should pop up. It is different, because this one was a little more professional and this blog is just my diary for all things book related, but same ideas, same gushing over Cam’s washboard abs, same rating, etc, etc, etc!

Speaking of, I DID read Trust in Me, and it was AMAZING! I should get a review up, but I’ve been too busy to write it up so far. I think that after the 26th my schedule should clear up and I’ll be able to write a review and read some books that have been on my shelf begging me to pick them up.

That’s it for now! See ya!

Text Book Blitz Excerpt #3 + Giveaway!

8 Nov

TEXT by Cambria Hebert
**This is copyrighted material by author Cambria Hebert**
Both of us pulled out a pistol at the same time. I trained mine on his chest. He trained his on Honor.
“Drop the gun,” I demanded.
“I’ll shoot her before you even pull the trigger,” he said around a sick smile.
“Run,” I told Honor.
When I didn’t hear the scuffle of rushing feet, I yelled, “Run!”
I heard her then, retreating away from us.
Lex pulled the trigger. The sound of a bullet discharging from his weapon filled the air around us. Then he swung the gun at me and squeezed off a shot. I dove to the side and shot off a bullet of my own.
He went down at the same time I did. His bullet missed me, but I prayed to God mine hit him. He didn’t move, and I hoped that meant he was injured.
I heard Honor yell my name, and I pushed off the ground and ran toward her yell. The chances of her being shot were high. If she was injured, I would need to get her out of here stat.
I saw the flash of her white shirt just ahead, and I dropped to my knees beside her.
“Are you hit?”
“Shot?” she asked, her breath coming in short spurts.
“Yes. Are you shot?”
“Good. Let’s go.”
I pulled her up and wrapped an arm around her waist. I started leading her away from Lex. We would have to take the long way around.
We made it about three steps.
Then she shocked the shit out of me by yanking the gun out of my hand and rushing away—back toward Lex.
“Honor!” I yelled, thinking this chick must be out of her mind.
I ran behind her and she tore through the woods, skidding to a stop beside the manmade hole that was dug into the ground.
“Where is he!” she demanded, holding the gun out in front of her like she meant business.
My eyes went to the spot where he fell.
It was empty.
“Come on you sick bastard!” she challenged. “Not so tough when the playing field is even!”
She stole my gun and ran back to where she was being held captive with the intention of shooting her captor?
She was one crazy bitch.
It was awesome.
Nothing around us moved and as awesome as her kickass attitude was, it was also kind of stupid. He had a gun. He could be lining up a shot right that minute.
My gut told me he ran off, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.
I approached Honor like a cowboy approaching a nervous filly. “Hey,” I said gently. “It’s okay now. He ran off.”
She still stood rigidly, holding the gun out in front of her like she would shoot anything that freaking dared to breathe.
“Honor,” I said, stopping at her side. “You’re safe now.” Slowly, I reached out and wrapped my hand over the gun, pulling her arm down and gently taking the pistol from her grasp.
I wrapped my hand around the back of her neck. Her skin was ice cold to the touch. The warmth of my palm seemed to break through whatever mental state she was in and she turned her head, her eyes searching for mine in the dark.
“You came,” she whispered like she never really thought I would.
Something inside me cracked at her tiny, whispered words. “Of course I came.”
She folded herself against my chest, pressing her face into my jacket and letting out a deep exhale. My arm left her neck and wound around her, clutching her against me, supporting her weight, and noting how small she felt in my arms.
She might be tiny, but she was a survivor.
“You did good, sweetheart,” I murmured. “You did real good.”
I felt a shudder move through her and I wanted to gather her even closer. I was tempted to sit down right there on the ground and pull her into my lap and hunch myself around her, to shelter her with my body.
But I couldn’t.
We had to get out of here.
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