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Trust in Me Teaser 5

24 Oct

Trust in Me (Wait for You 1.5) is available as of October 22nd, 2013! Here’s the last teaser!



“I’ve missed you, Cam.” The tip of her nose brushed mine. “Haven’t you missed me?”

I closed my eyes as I wrapped my fingers along her slender wrists. “I have.”

“Good,” she murmured.

Her lips grazed mine once and then she kissed me softly. There was nothing like her kisses, especially when our positions were flopped. She pushed, working at the seam of my lips until I opened. The taste of her clouded my thoughts. I didn’t realize she had let go of my face until I felt the tips of her fingers slipping under the band of my nylon shirts.

My grip tightened around her wrists as I lifted my head. “Avery, maybe we—”

“Maybe you should let me do this.” Her chest rose sharply as her gaze dipped. There was no hiding that I wanted her to do this. The corners of her lips spread into a winsome smile. “I think you really want me to do this.”

“I do. God, I do, but—”

She silenced me with a kiss that told me that I needed to let her do whatever she wanted to do. Removing my fingers one at a time, I dropped my hands to the sides.

This was all her.

Avery broke away and then placed a kiss on my chest, above my heart. I tensed as she tugged my shorts down. Loosened, the shorts pooled on the floor in a second.


Trust In Me Teaser 4

18 Oct

Trust in Me (Wait for You 1.5) will be out October 22nd, 2013.  Right now the price is at $1.99! Preorder yours today and get at exclusive 5 chapter sneak peek of Be With Me on October 30th! Pre-order Form fill out here to qualify!




I let go as she shook her head and was in the process of heading upstairs to wake up Jase’s lazy ass when Teresa came in the front door.

“Cam!” She let out a high-pitched squeal when she saw me in the foyer and dropped her book bag. The pint-sized terror took one step and launched herself at me.

Laughing, I caught her before she knocked me down. “Well, hello to you.”

“When did you get here?” she asked once I sat her down.

“This morning.”

She smacked my arm. “You should’ve texted me! I would’ve skipped my afternoon classes and come home early.”

“I heard that!” yelled Mom from the kitchen.

Teresa rolled her eyes, and I laughed. Somewhere in the last two years or so, she’d grown up from a gangly child into a stunning young woman. And every time I saw her, I wanted to pull a paper sack over her head. Everywhere she went, guys looked, and they really looked.

She had inherited the dark hair and blue eyes from Dad, but she had Mom’s delicate features. Her beauty and small frame were really misleading, because she had also developed mom’s snappy, quick wit. When she and Mom got going, no one was safe.

“I’m going to skip dance tonight,” she said, tugging the tie from her hair. It seemed to have grown overnight, falling well past her shoulders.

“You don’t have to do that,” I told her. “I’ll be here all weekend.”

“Yeah, but I never get to see you!” She pouted, giving me the look that probably got her a lot of things. “You’re too busy and too cool to hang out with your sister anymore.”

“Exactly,” I said, grinning.

She smacked my arm hard. “Jerk.”

Facing the stairs, I saw Jase come down before Teresa did. He was as quiet as a freaking ninja and he came to a stop at the bottom, his hair damp and clothing unwrinkled. He hadn’t made a sound, but Teresa stiffened in front of me. Her eyes, so like mine, widened a fraction of an inch.

My gaze narrowed on her.

Teresa whipped around with the elegance of a dancer, and I cringed when she shrieked, “Jase!”

The pensive look that had been on Jase’s face from the moment I picked him up vanished like a bad nightmare. He came down on the landing a second before my sister threw herself at the guy, greeting him in the same way she’d done with me. His eyes were only on her, and while I completely trusted Jase, even he wasn’t immune to her.

I also didn’t like it when he wrapped his arms around her, keeping them both from tumbling backward.

“Cam didn’t tell me you were here!” she cried, clinging to him like a little monkey. “You’re staying here the whole weekend, too?”

Jase smiled down at the top of Teresa’s head—the head that was currently plastered against his chest. “Yeah, I’m here until Cam heads back.”

I knew in that exact moment, Teresa would be bowing out on dance not only tonight, but also the rest of the weekend. I sighed.

Teresa said something that only Jase could hear and his smile spread in a way that had me taking deep, even breaths. Then he looked up, his gaze meeting mine. He shot me a helpless look, and I rolled my eyes, strolling forward.

“Okay.” I grabbed her arms, physically lifting her away from Jase. “I think you can let him go now. He probably wants to breathe at some point.”

Jase laughed as Teresa shot me a look that promised death and dismemberment and yanked her arms free. I stepped back, just in case she was going to try to hit me again. My sister had muscles.


ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS! 4 more days and it’s OUT! Whoo! I’m so excited. *happy dance*

New Bookshelf, Darkest Powers Update, & Book Nerd Problems

13 Oct

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So I had this itty-bitty bookshelf before because I usually don’t have too many books for too long. I either give them away, donate them, sell them, whatever. But the older I grow, the more precious these books seem to me. Soon, I found myself keeping more books than my bookshelf could hold.

So there were two options: give some away/sell them, or get a new bookshelf.

I got a new bookshelf.

And I REALLY thought it was big enough! This thing is a freaking giant! It’s as big as a fridge!

That really says something about me. Especially since the majority of these books I only acquired in the last two years.

At the top, I put some of my favorite books that I own. So The Darkest Powers and The Darkest Rising series is up there, because I am absolutely OBSESSED with them. Oh! BY THE WAY:

” I’m also planning a Chloe/Derek online novella for next spring, taking place after The Rising. Of course, neither is a series, which is what you asked, and the direct answer to that is…I don’t know.”

That is from the author herself. AHAHA!! YESSS!! I am SO EXCITED!! But there had better be a whole new The Darkest series to accompany those two. Because I absolutely loved them.

Right! Focus! Wait for You is up there too. I’m REALLY hopping J. Lynn does a print version of Trust in Me so I can put it next to Wait for You. It just doesn’t feel right having it on my Kobo. And speaking of which – I HAVE A KOBO! NOT A KINDLE! NOT A NOOK! A KOBO! I can’t even preorder the book! Boo.  Mrs. Armentrout, if you’re reading this, you’d better get Trust in Me on the kobo preorder list, too. Seriously. Or I’ll karate chop something.

I also have the second series to Maria V. Snyder’s Poison Study series. I LOVED Opal! I’m really hoping that sometime soon I’ll also be able to buy the Poison Study series, as well. Gonna try this year. It’ll be on my book wish list, and my friends can do with it what they want. Usually they’re pretty good about my book wishlist. They appreciate the book nerd that I am and – let’s be honest – don’t know what else to buy me. Books are just an easy out for them, and have me drooling and hugging and thanking them for the rest of the month if the book is what I wanted. Win-win!

I also have the Mila 2.0 ARC up there (hehe, I love that it’s an ARC, especially since it was a very good book!) and Crap Kingdom ARC (I still need to finish it. It’s funny but I get so distracted! I’m reading 10 books at once. Anyone else do that? Yeah.)

I have Fallen, Match, The Hunger Games series (minus Catching Fire. Guess who’s reading it before the movie comes out? This girrll!) The Hollow, and Dark Visions by L.J. Smith.

The rest are mysteries, romance books, NAs, random books I had growing up like Goosbumps that  I never gave away. I also have a Winx Club comic book in there that I bought in grade 2 with my allowance. It’s special. Also, the book haul books are there too. I wrote a book haul blog that shows off all the books I got, and you can see it here:

And then the bottom shelf is just random stuff like journals, uni books, pamphlets, a game board (Sins 😀 It’s as evil as it sounds!) scrap books, play scripts, etc.

Well there you have it. I thought this bookshelf would be big enough until I actually started putting stuff in there. Now I kinda wish I got a different one. It honestly looked like it would fit it all! I underestimate the books I have…

Also, on a side note, I know that the blogs have been lagging a lot, but I’m trying my best to keep you guys updated. It’s been really crazy since school started, and since I only started this blog during the summer, I didn’t even know if I would be able to balance writing a blog and doing school stuff. It’s not too bad, I do enough blogs so you don’t fall behind 😀

Thank you for all your support! Thanks to all my twitter followers, blog followers, the authors who have allowed me to do book reveals and blitzes and all that stuff. It’s really fun and I hope to be doing this for a long time!


Trust In Me Teaser 3

12 Oct

Trust in Me (Wait for You 1.5) will be out October 22nd, 2013.  Right now the price is at $1.99! Preorder yours today and get at exclusive 5 chapter sneak peek of Be With Me on October 30th! Pre-order Form fill out here to qualify!




I kissed her, pressing my lips to hers, working at the seam of her mouth until she opened, allowing me in. The taste of her skin had sparked a fire deep inside me, but the feel of her warm mouth ignited a blazing fire. I couldn’t get enough of her lips, of her kisses or the soft, breathy sounds she was making.


I groaned as I slid my hand out from underneath her, guiding her onto her back. Her body immediately stiffened, and I knew I needed to tone it down. The last thing I wanted was to scare her.


God, that was the last thing.


Cupping her cheek, I softly kissed her until her body relaxed under mine and then, shocking the hell out of me, her small hand ended up under my shirt, pressing against the bare skin of my abs.


It was like being branded.


Heat roared through my veins as my body jerked on reflex. Air punched from my lungs. She wanted to touch me? Holy hell, she could touch me. I pulled back, reached down and yanked my shirt over my head.


Avery’s mouth parted as her gaze moved over my chest, the tattoo, and then down. It was like a touch, but better. My body was burning to feel hers.


I tugged the comforter down and planted my hands on either side of her head, tangling them in her hair. There was a primal part that took over when her hands flattened over the lower part of my stomach. My entire body tightened.


I dropped my forehead to hers. “You have no idea what you do to me.”



*fans self* is it hot in here? Or is it just me?

No… I think it’s Cam. 😀

Trust in Me’s out in 10 days! That’s a bit more than a week! eeepp!

Trust In Me Teaser 2

5 Oct

Trust in Me (Wait for You 1.5) will be out October 22nd, 2013.  Right now the price is at $1.99! Preorder yours today and get at exclusive 5 chapter sneak peek of Be With Me on October 30th! Pre-order Form fill out here to qualify!




“Tomorrow night? Oh! The astronomy assignment. Yeah, it works for me.”

“Good.” I backed away, knowing I needed to get my ass to class. “See you then.”

Shortcake turned and then pivoted back to me. “Cam?”

The knot pulsed in my chest. “Yeah?”

She fiddled with her bracelet as her gaze flicked away before settling back on me. “What were you doing in the Den? Don’t you normally have class, like right now?”

I smiled as I held her gaze. “Yeah, I normally have class right now, but I wanted to see you.”

Shock splashed over her face, and then I saw the smile light up her eyes before it even hit her lips. Feeling that knot do a funny, twisting thing, I pivoted around before I grabbed her and kissed her.

Because I was really close to doing that.

I made it across the street before a low whistle caught my attention. Looking toward the left, I saw Jase standing under a tree, cell phone in hand. Damn. He must’ve hightailed his ass from West Campus.

“Skipping class without me?” he asked as I made my way over to him, his eyes obscured by the aviator shades he was wearing. Very few people could pull off those sunglasses without looking like a douche. I was not one of them.

I shrugged as my attention drifted beyond Jase’s shoulder, across the street, catching one last glimpse of Shortcake disappearing through the doors of Knutti Hall.

Jase sighed. “You’re obsessed.”


He nodded toward Knutti. “I don’t think you’ve ever skipped a class to hang out with a girl before.”

I frowned. “How do you know I skipped a class to hang out with Avery?”

His brows rose above the sunglasses. “I’m not stupid.”

“That’s up for debate.”

Jase flipped me off. “Well, let’s see. Class let out early, so I came over here just in time to see you walking along like a good little boy. I called your name. You waved at me and kept going—or staring at her.”

My brows lifted as I wheeled around, heading for the doors. “That was you yelling my name?”

“Exactly,” he said, sighing. He looked at me, and all I saw was my face in his sunglasses. “Has she agreed to go out with you yet?”


Jase shook his head. “Man, you are so fucked when it comes to this girl.

17 days till its release!!! Pre-order yours now!

Escape In You Cover Reveal!

2 Oct

Jet Taylor is the quintessential bad boy. A womanizer. A fighter. Dangerous. The type of guy most girls do their best to avoid. But Zoe Janes is no saint herself. In fact, she sees in Jet the perfect opportunity to distract herself from her responsibilities at home and the mistakes that keep her trapped there. He’s gorgeous, likes to party, and is clearly only interested in having fun—just like Zoe. But the more time they spend together the harder it is to stick to her “fun only” mantra. Jet is getting under her skin, making her believe things could actually be different. She knows they’re both trapped by the sins of their past but Jet is starting to make her think freedom might actually be possible. And that makes him the most dangerous boy of all.


Escape In You by Rachel Schurig
Publication date: October 15th 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

Rachel Schurig lives in the metro Detroit area with her dog, Lucy. She loves to watch reality TV and she reads as many books as she can get her hands on. In her spare time, Rachel decorates cakes. Her THREE GIRLS series is available now from Amazon!Website:

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