Book Haul!

21 Sep

So I completely and utterly lucked out recently.

Firstly, I was passing by this place I usually frequent. It’s in this place I live in, where people in the community just leave stuff  (like books, plants, magazines, pots, whatever) for others to take cuz they don’t need it. I usually put some old books there, or this one time I had brought a bunch of matching bowls. It’s just like a free-for-all.  Well, I found a box of mystery novels! Nobody wanted them.  So I took them. Have a look-see:

And today, I went to a festival-type thing that was happening just randomly, and the library was selling books for cheap. So I kinda attacked it…

I KNOW! It looks so beautiful. But I’m not done bragging. I kinda want you guys to see exactly what I got, without the giant mess. That’s just what it looked like when I got home and dumped it all out.

I got some non-fiction books (mostly cookbooks, but also chicken soup cuz who doesn’t love those books?) and one that isn’t there that I gave to someone to borrow (I KNOW! Already!) was about Hitler.

Then I also got some of these random hard cover books because they sounded good. I’m looking forward to Heartbeat, and the two Nora Roberts books in the series:

And also 5 Laurell K. Hamilton books that sounded pretty good (although, Bloody Bones I got from a different pile and didn’t realize was by the same author until I was laying the books out. Same thing happened with the Nora Roberts book, Public Secrets, as well. I’m really following some kind of theme here).  I’m hoping I’ll love these!

Then I also got some girly YA books, cuz I love YA:

And finally, just some random Adult/NA books that sounded amazing:

So that’s about 35-ish books right there. Am I close? I’m too lazy to count. I just know I have them. And I. AM. SO. EXCITED!! Too bad I don’t have any time to read them. Ever. Boo. But I will. Because I love sitting down with a good book, and now I have a bunch to get through. I don’t even know where I’ll put them all!

So that’s my book haul. I feel awesome! Now I think I’m gonna go stamp my name into all of them. Cuz I do that.  But that’s the only defacing I do voluntarily. Cuz I like to stake my claim. This will take a while…

See you next time!


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