Summer-of-Reading Reflection

25 Aug

The-Mummy-rachel-weisz-13442217-852-480As summer comes to an end, I feel like it’s time to say goodbye to long days of sitting on the porch with a book (or kobo) in my one hand and a giant cup of tea in the other.

Typically, this is the time of year where I’m especially hard to reach. Being a giant book fanatic, I start to panic that I haven’t made a big enough dent in my TBR shelf and I start staying up late flipping pages and getting lost in adventure and romance before real life takes all my attention away. This annoys my parents and friends, but they just don’t understand. They might never understand. And I’m fine with that. Really. They just have to learn to deal with it. Pretty please?

This summer I’ve read 19 (almost 20) books varying in genre and length, and I admit, not all of them I remember. Not that I’d take back any time I spent reading them, though. It was part of the fun.

I still have quite a few books I want to read before school starts up, though. Specifically, Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen, the first two books of Morganville Vampires, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour (it absolutely needs a reread, soon), Inside Out & Outside In by Maria V. Snyder, and any other hopelessly romantic book I come into contact with in the next two weeks.

My favorite trilogy I read this summer was The Darkest Rising by Kelley Armstrong. I had read the first book when the softcover copy came out, but I hadn’t had the chance to read the second until the third book came out. I went out and bought the last two books in hardcover (which bugs me to no end, since now the first book isn’t hardcover) for my birthday and read them all just as summer began. It’s a spinoff of The Darkest Powers series, which I LOVE, but it follows its own plot. And there are still a lot of questions I have about a lot of things that weren’t explained in both books. Kelley Armstrong better come out with a third playoff trilogy that answers these questions. Seriously. For now, I’ll try not to attack her by getting into her new book, Omens. If I can get my hands on it.

My favorite book on its own is Wait for You by Jennifer L. Armentrout (J. Lynn), no surprise there. I absolutely fell in love with the story and went a little crazy. I’ve calmed down somewhat, but you don’t want to be asking me any questions about it yet. You’ll get sucked into a world of quotes and girly squeals and other things you don’t want to witness.

My favorite novella I’ve read this summer was Yours to Keep by Shannon Stacey. It was really cute and country, which I enjoyed. The book had a homey-vibe that I love, and it got me right into the summer mood.

The book I couldn’t finish was Love Story by Jennifer Echols. I’ve read two books by Jennifer Echols, and I have to admit I didn’t favor them too much to begin with. But I don’t like not reading books just because I hadn’t liked the author’s previous works. People change and grow, and so does their writing. However, when I started reading Love Story (which sounded great) I just couldn’t get into it. At all. I’m sure Jennifer Echols has a very loyal fandom following her around, but her writing style is just not for me.

The most pointless book, also my least favorite book, I read this summer was Sweethearts. I have a review on it somewhere on my blog, so if you want to know specifically why, you can check that out. I’m just not going to get into it. It was a waste of my time and I refuse to let it waste my time any more.

A few other books I liked were Almost by Anne Eliot, My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron, The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window by Kristy Moseley, and Playing for Keeps by R. L. Mathewson.

I wish I had reread The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong, but now I’m afraid that I won’t have any time to do so. If I do, I’m totally doing it, and then following it with Dark Visions by L.J. Smith. Speaking of, one of these days I will read these two books back to back and write a similarities/differences blog about it. Because, seriously. If  you’ve read them both, you’d understand.

I feel like I should also mention that even though I haven’t specifically read A Walk to Remember in a couple of years, I did re-watch the movie for the billionth time recently. Still makes me cry into my blanket, each and every time. I think this is absolutely the best book-to-movie make of all time. I also think I should reread A Walk to Remember and watch the movie and do a blog about that, too. Landen Carter ❤ Most girls can quote The Notebook at the drop of a hat, but I can quote A Walk to Remember. I’d probably be able to quote it from beginning to end if you asked me to. Yet, it never gets old.

See, this is how it is. Throughout the year I collect this whole reading list and then in the summer I fall down the hole of reading and don’t come out until I must. But I can’t help myself, and somehow, I absolutely don’t mind. Call me a geek or a nerd or whatever, but geeking out over books is something I’ve done my entire life. It’s become such an ingrained part of me that I can’t even stop myself if I tried. My whole life centers around books. Everywhere I go I always manage to zone into a book advert or blog or whatever, and I can’t stop myself from filing the information away until I have the chance to jump on it. I wish I remembered school stuff during exam times the way I remember the list of books I want to get into for the summer. But I admit, Goodreads helps. A lot. I think I’m on there 24/7.

So, without further ‘ado,  I must get back to reading. There is way too much left to read and too little time to do so.

Also, I think I need a new bookshelf. I’ve taken to putting books in corners or on the carpet next to my bookshelf (where I hide from the world and read) or even on the table next to my bed. It’s become an obsession of mine to buy books, and I know I don’t have room but I still do it. There’s something wrong with me. I mean, I already bought Wait for You in ebook format, and then I find out there’s a softcover copy coming out and I buy that too? Yup. Something is definitely wrong with me.

Happy reading!

Here are the books I’ve read this summer, starting with The Gathering.



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