Top 10 Book-Related Pet Peeves

12 Aug

1: When someone reveals something that happens in the book I’m currently reading
You know the people. They’re excited to read this new book that came out, and so are you. You’ve been waiting months to read it. Finally, you get it, and they do too. They read it over night, but you’re seriously freaking out and trying to read it slowly and savor it because it’s taken you this long to get it and you don’t want to skim. They call, all excited, and you pick up, and then they blurt out the entire climax scene in two words. At that point, it doesn’t matter if you scream at them or threaten bodily harm. You know. The book is ruined. All that waiting, all the pain you’ve been taking to savor the book – all for nothing. And sometimes there are people who do this thing where they realize they’ve blurted something and try to back track like… “Oh, yeah, you’re totally like 1 page away from this anyway” or “This already happened from where you’re at, didn’t it?” so the blame doesn’t fall on them too badly. But you just know.

2: When you lend out a book and don’t get it back for a year.
To the serious readers out there, our books are equivalent to our babies. We let them out for play dates, but play dates in book world are only supposed to last about a week. So when it becomes a year, it’s like your baby has been kidnapped. And you ask and ask and they never give it back until finally, you’re at their house and you spot the book and finally, you know it’s back in your arms. And then you never let anyone borrow a book again. Until the next person asks.

3: When someone loses your book
Same as when they keep it for a year, there are people who lose the book. A year later, when you’re still asking, they’re forced to admit that they left it on the bus or at a library they were at or at some other friend’s house. In the real world, you’re a picture of serene calm as you tell them it’s alright. In your head, you’ve already tracked all the exits and know where all the possible weapons are. Someone’s gonna die.

4: When someone ruins your book
I’ve had friends who have borrowed my books, which had looked brand new, and returned them with dog-eared pages and mud/tea/coffee stains in them and pencil marks and who knows what else. Stop. Just… no. When you borrow a book, you must treat it like a baby. Support the head -er, spine..?- and keep it in a controlled, liquid free environment.

5: Borrowing library books that look like they’ve been through hell and back
That’s just gross people. The same as when you borrow a book from a friend, you have to take care of it when you borrow it from a library. You’re not the only one who’s gonna want to read it. I remember I had waited to read this one book for so long (a year and a half) instead of buying it (I didn’t know if it would be worth it), and when I finally got it… I can’t even tell you. The hard cover was bent, there was a page missing, there were neon green and pink drawings of stick people OVER the words. It’s like some kid got a hold of it and then used it as a chew toy with the dogs. It was disgusting. At least offer to buy a new copy!

6: When you read a summary of a book that sounds amazing and realize that it just summarized the entire story.
There are authors who write good summaries that describe the beginnings of the book and as you read you realize that there’s just so much more stuff going on and you love it! Then there are authors who have a knack at describing their entire book. You read the book and realize that you could have just read the summary again and saved yourself a few hours.

7:Books Turned into Movies
Let’s be clear. If you want to do a remake, you do it because you love the book and you want it to come to life. If you change everything there is about the book in the movie, to a point where there’s a new character involved and the people who read the books can’t even follow the plot, you’ve done it wrong. I realize that sometimes, some scenes just have to go because of budget. But is it absolutely necessary to change everything? It’s almost as bad as plagiarizing. What you’ve done is taken someone elses idea and rewrote it into a much worse version of what it once was.

8: Series that never end.
So you start reading this series, right? The first book is amazing. You can see why it could become a trilogy. The second book is okay, you still enjoyed it. The first book was better. The third book might also be okay but then… what? Wait, you mean, there’s more? Like… a fourth book? And then… a fifth? And sixth? Like… I could have ended this at the first book! I get that there comes a time where the characters become so real to the author, it would feel almost like a best friend dying if they ended the series. But you have to let go. Really. Because eventually, it will have to end. Don’t ruin something good by adding weird twists and turns that only leave us scratching our heads. (Although, there are some series that are amazing and I just can’t get enough of. Those books can go on forever. They have to. It’s just the ones that end up pointlessly holding out on the inevitable.)

9:Authors who just give up on their series.
Night World’s Strange Fate, anyone? I read the first 9 books as soon as they came out, and it was going fast. Now, the last book that ends it all and… nothing? It’s been years! How long can it take? L.J. Smith SAYS she’s working on other book series and trying to make this book perfect, and I’m all for that but… come on! I don’t even remember what the series is about anymore!

10: Books with bad grammar
Unfortunately, there are a lot of authors who decide to self publish. Or authors who end up with bad editors. Let me tell you one thing: It’s absolutely the worst feeling ever when you’re reading a book that you LOVE, but you’re constantly ignoring grammar errors and stuff. (The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window was amazing but the grammar was appalling.) It’s an even worse feeling when you start a book that sounded good, and it’s absolutely terrible, with horrible grammar to boot. And I look through reviews a lot before reading any books, but sometimes no one mentions it. And they should. They really should. It would save me from complete and utter disappointment. But maybe I just have high expectations?


2 Responses to “Top 10 Book-Related Pet Peeves”

  1. angmerlo August 13, 2013 at 11:27 am #

    Night World? Its been more than years. Its been way over a decade! Those books were originally published in the late 90’s. Strange Fate was supposed to be published at the end of 1999 or early 2000. It was then available for preorder on amazon in 2003, but then we were told the series was canceled. Then after Twilight’s popularity, a number of Smith’s books were republished including the nightworld. Everything got new book covers.

    As an original reader of the series, I was 16 when I started reading them. I’m now 32. My interests have changed. I think the big problem is that if she doesn’t get them published in a reasonable time, she has to try to rebuild a new fanbase. I mean, there are some of us who’d be willing to read it, but many of us have moved on to other interests.

    • The Novel List August 13, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

      XD Aha that’s awesome! I didn’t know it went back that far. I was a lot younger when I started reading them as they started to come out (grade 7 or 8) the second time. I never even realized they went back that far, I just remembered this series as an afterthought while writing this entry.
      And I definitely think you’re right. The books were great, but the fans aren’t going to stick around forever. I love L.J. Smith, but I can’t imagine waiting a decade for the last book to come out (even if I loved Poppy).
      Thanks for the comment!

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